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New Years’ Eve in Canton

31 Dec


New Year’s Eve can be so touch and go. Everyone wants the night to be epic, the ultimate culmination of all the fun had in 2012. Never wanting to completeing comitt for fear of missing out on something more fun somewhere else, you can end up bouncing around from bar to bar, party to party only to ring in the New Year sitting on “weird friend from high school who’s home for the holidays” couch. Not this year people! There are so many fun things to do in the Canton, Ohio area! Whether you’re a 20 something ready to hit the bars and through back some drinks or 60 something looking for a nice dinner, dancing and simple champagne toast I have done the dirty work and found you some great Canton-only options! I would like to credit the Canton Repository for their list of 28 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve, The North Canton Patch  and The Canton Stark County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau as I’m using some of their suggestions. Hope you find something both fun and safe for this evenings festivites, please see the bottom of the page for alternative ways to get home if you’ve had just a little too much to get behind the wheel. Happy New Years!!!


1. The McKinley Grand Hotel Present

All-Inclusive New Year’s Eve 2012 Package Includes:

Deluxe Overnight Accommodations for Two, Dinner for Two in Thorpe’s Market Avenue Grill, Bottle of Champagne for The Midnight Countdown, Live Entertainment in Thorpe’s Market Avenue Pub, Breakfast for Two on New Year’s Day, Late Checkout of 1:00 PM New Year’s Day

All-Inclusive Package Price of Only $195.00 Per Couple


2. New Year’s Eve Dinner with Gervasi

Dinner seating 4:00-8:30PM Featuring Music by Stan Miller 6-10PM

Call 330-497-1000, opt 2 after 2PM, Ask for Nicolle to assist you with Reservations for dinner


3. New Years Eve with New Wave Nation at 356th Fighter Group

Starting at 9:30 p.m.  Midnight Special, a second band will also be performing in the ballroom. Tickets, $25 advance and $30 at the door, include food stations from 9 to 10, party favors, and sauerkraut and pork at midnight. For reservations, call 330-494-3500.

the barrel room

4. Triple Play at The Barrel Room

9:00- midnight with free pork and sauerkraut!


5. New Years Eve Gala at Fieldcrest of North Canton

Doors open at 7:30 pm. Hot and Cold appetizers and a cash bar begins at 8:00 pm. Featuring dance band “Class Action” playing music from the 1940’s thru the 1990’s. Also featuring: On site dance instruction for each era. Learn how to dance your favorite dances. Pasta buffet available from 8:00 to 9:30 pm. Pork and Kraut dinner served at 11:00 pm. Champagne toast at midnight. Reservations are requested for this event. Call 330-966-2222 for more details.

$50.00 at the door.


6. The Wanderers at Elks Lodge 68 at 3201 Parkway St. NW in Canton Township (No website, sorry!)

From 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. The band features saxophonist Fred Davis (in black), who has performed with Diana Ross, Martha Reeves, Frankie Avalon and the Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey orchestras. Tickets, $15 per person, include snacks, pork and sauerkraut, and champagne at midnight. Tickets may be ordered at 330-453-0105.

meyers lake

7. “The Contraltos: Miami Shore,” an over-the-top audience-participation whodunit that spoofs “The Sopranos,” at Meyer’s Lake Ballroom

Tickets, $59 single or $110 couple, include the show, a full dinner with choice of entrees, soft drinks, dancing, party favors and a champagne toast at midnight. For reservations, call 330-455-5900.

the palace

8. Ides of March at Canton Palace theater 

Ryan Gosling stars as an idealistic campaigner for a Democratic presidential hopeful (George Clooney) who gets a shattering reality check in the drama “Ides of March,” which will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Tickets, $15, include a pre-show wine and cheese reception at 6 p.m. in the theater’s upper lobby. Movie-only tickets are $5.


9. New Year’s Eve Bash at The Pub and Panini’s

8:30pm- 2:30am The biggest ballon drop in stark county… Over $2000 in cash and prizes falling at midnight. Dance the night away with DJ JT. Live broadcast with Q92 and DJ MOE. We are taking reservations for bottle service and champagne bottles now.
8:00- 1:00 a.m. at the ArtsinStark Education Center at 1014 Cleveland Ave. NW in Canton will include an auction of work by local artists, food, drinks, live music and more. Tickets are $5, with proceeds to benefit the ArtsinStark SmArts program.

Stay safe, transportation options:

Stark Area Regional Transit Authority

New Year’s Eve Schedule or call 330-47-SARTA, 330-47-72782

COSMO Transportation Service– (330) 454-44451306 Milford St Ne, Canton, OH

Tiger Cab– (330) 209-4617Canton, OH

Mc Clinchy, DE Shay-Team Taxi Company– (330) 244-9641Po Box 35728, Canton, OH

Yellow Cab Leasing Incorporated– (330) 491-43434137 Martindale Rd Ne, Canton, OH

AAA Canton Transportation & A Taxi Cab of Canton– (330) 353-44832916 Harrisburg Rd Ne, Canton, OH

**Thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoys their New Year’s Eve, Cheers, Maranda!**


New approach?!

22 Dec
Mint Martini from The Basement in North Canton

Mint Martini from The Basement in North Canton

So now that Mitch and I are back stateside I’ve been having a hard time with where I wanted to take the blog. Adventures aren’t as easy to come by the in Canton area haha I’m thinking of taking the vantage point of being a 20 something in Ohio who enjoys supporting small business, eating organic and getting one nicer, quality item as opposed  20 cheap, dollar store ones and spending time with interesting, open-minded people who have fun and thought provoking topics to bring to the table. That is definitely not the mentality of most in this area and seeking out those people and those businesses can be tough. I think I’d like to take one for the team and do the legwork for others looking for similar things.

So I will be posting about restaurants and coffee shops I love, local businesses that offer local products or craft products of a higher caliber and fun things to do in the Northeast Ohio area if your not a soccer mom or retired Vietnam Vet. Some of the posts might have a wedding theme as Mitch and I will be getting married in Canton on Oct. 19th, 2013! Hope everyone enjoys where the blog is going, it would be great to have some comments and really get the dialog going about how to seek out what we’re looking for! Cheers!

14 Dec

Even though our last blog post ended with our last day in Europe, it skipped the center of our trip to Ireland. On Thursday morning Mitch and I were up early to catch the bus to Galway. We had a tour that took us first to the Dunguaire Castle  and next to The Barren. This is a part of Ireland famous for its rocky plateau and we visited a beef cattle farm in the area. After a chilly, but humorous walk up the mountain (Irish mountains aka slightly tall hills haha) as our guide, Daragh charmed us with his too cute Irish charisma and resistance to the chilling wind. I’m fairly certain the only one completely oblivious to the cold was the tail-wagging, happy go lucky golden retriever, Mildred. Such an appropriate name for a pup right?! We ended our tour of their grounds with some heavenly strawberry-rhubarb cake and an Irish coffee in their Grandma’s house! Now I can see why the Irish staked claim to  coffee with a shot of whiskey, coming in from that cold you not only need something to warm you up, but something to give you a little zip in your step. Leaving the farm we headed to our main attraction of the day, the Cliffs of Moher.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher


While on my first trip to Ireland as a People-to-People Student Ambassador ten years ago (ahh!! I feel old!) I couldn’t wait to see the Cliffs of Moher, but when we arrived the fog was too thick to see anything. As the rain started to come in on our way there this time I was beginning to worry, but for not- it was as beautiful any picture! We walked along the entirety of the cliffs from the tower around to the other side to enjoy a look from the top. The fog definitely sets the mood for the Irish folklore, it’s easier to believe in a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow you can’t see! We finished off the day with a delicious meal at a quaint pub and were dropped off in Galway again. After a quick walk in the Christmas Market we headed off to Cork.

Cork was definitely our sketchiest hostel, when we walked in the 50 year old man in our room was watching a youtube video titled “How to get laid” so that was awkward… but after he left on his quest to get some it was same old. We woke up in the morning and headed for Blarney to kiss the infamous Blarney Stone. Blarney is a really beautiful small town and the gardens around the castle alone are worth the 12 euro entrance fee. Kissing the Blarney Stone is said to give the gift not only of Irish gap, but eloquence. One of the signs read: “Baloney is when you tell a 50-year old woman that she looks 18.Blarney is when you ask a woman how old she is, because you want to know at what age women are most beautiful.” Cute right?! Both of us kissed the stone and went for a tour of the grounds before having a picnic lunch. We did a walking tour of Cork before catching the 2 1/2 hour bus ride back to Galway.

Mitch kissing the Blarney Stone!

Mitch kissing the Blarney Stone!

Our last night on the west coast was spend at a pub just across from our hostel call The Quays (pronounced Keys). There was a really great band that played everything from American rock classics to Irish jigs. The bar was full of 20 somethings to 60 somethings all having a great irish time. We met a nice couple from Boston who introduced us to some of their favorite Irish drinks and finally called it a night around 2am. Waking up with no hang-overs was a definite plus! We were able to go on a walk out the Mutton Island Lighthouse and enjoy the ocean for a few hours before joining our free walking tour. On the tour we saw such sights as the Lynch Castle and went to the location where the first lynching took place (Apparently father Lynch hung son Lynch so when a Lynch hangs a Lynch it becomes a lynching??). Saint Nicolas Church was our next stop and had a great farmers market out front- we enjoyed some made-in-front-of-us donuts and sampled all types of interesting food. We went to the Spanish Arch, all that remains from the wall that used to encompass Galway, the Galway Cathedral, built in the 60s as the last “great stone church in Europe” and was built of old prison stones (the irony is not lost on me!) and the Town Hall.  We ended in Eyre Square where we started and where the Christmas Market was. We had just enough time to grab some lunch at a pub before we began the cross-country (albeit 2 hour) trip back to Dublin. We loved our time on the western half of the country. Galway’s average age is 25 so it’s the perfect place for everything from culture to night life. Next time we come we’ll have to head up north to explore more of what Ireland has to offer!

Dublin, Ireland

6 Dec

After a quick and easy flight from Rome to Dublin Mitch and I began our Irish adventures. We began with a walk around the city to acclimate ourselves. With the Christmas season upon us, the city is decorated to the nines with lights of all shapes, colors and designs! It felt really magical as we walked down the pedestrian shopping street, Grafton and the main boulevard, O’Connal St. We stumbled upon one of the sights Mitch knew he wanted to see, The Church. This might be my new favorite restaurant! St. Mary’s protestant church turned restaurant and bar where Arthur Guinness and his son were both married is a perfect combination of well-maintained character and historical value, but with a fun, chic feel. We had our first Irish Guinness’s there and some delicious eats. We followed the self-guided tour to from the bust of Arthur Guinness to the original pipe organ and down to the crypt where bodies have been removed to created a hauntingly beautiful bar and rental area. We were so excited to find almost every place we visited in the city had free wifi and were able to check-in on foursquare and facebook!

Our first Guinness at The Church

Our first Guinness at The Church

Wednesday we were up early for a walk through the fairytalesque St. John’s Park, on to The National Gallery of Ireland to see works from Carravagio, Van Gough, Rembrandt, Piccaso and Monet and to our free walking tour. Our guide was a sweet girl who attends Trinity college. She took us to The Dublin Castle and gardens, City Hall, Christ Church, The Ha’Penny Bridge, and into the Temple Bar area. Free walking tours are nice because you can tip the guide whatever you thought the tour was worth, which is a win-win for both guide and tourist. After the tour we stopped for what the Irish lovingly call a chipper or fish and chips before directing our attention to the Guinness Storehouse. We enjoyed the self-guided tour, especially the advertisements and marketing through the years. The best part hands-down is The Gravity Bar which offers stunning 360 degree views of the city and surrounding Wicklow Mountains all with our complimentary glass of Guinness. Pooped, we headed back to the hostel for wine and cheese night!


Christ Church

Christ Church

On Thursday we headed to Galway and the west of the country, but I’ll get to that in the next post. So when we arrived back in Dublin on Saturday night we just made it in time for the pub crawl! I was kind of skeptical about paying 12 Euros to go to some bars, but with the free shots at each bar, free pizza and fun people to play fun drinking games with it was actually a really fun evening. After our late night out we slept in a little on Sunday and enjoyed complimentary pancakes with the other hostel guests. It was raining so we were a bit lazy, but got going around 3pm for the Jamison Distillery. We took the scenic route over the Ha’Penny Bridge and past the Four Courts. The distillery was a bit cheesy, but I did learn a lot. Jamison, like most irish whiskeys is triple distilled which gives it the smoothness and without the smoky characteristics of Scotch or sweetness of Bourbon it goes well with many things. Mitch was chosen to be a “Whiskey taster” and got to sample not only the complimentary glass everyone enjoys, but an extra Jamison whiskey, Johnny Walker Scotch and Jack Daniels Bourbon- all the top-selling world-wide in their category. He said he was really able to taste the differences.


On our last day in Dublin we saw the Molly Malone Statue and visited Trinity College. Mitch had learned of the Book of Kells in an art history class in college and I’m glad is insisted on going. Seeing a thousand year old book isn’t something one does everyday. I also didn’t know that many of the celtic knots were first displayed in this text. The Old Library at Trinity is breath-taking. Easily the most beautiful library I’ve ever laid eyes on. From that great smell of old books and mahogany to the busts of all the literary greats it is a real treat. On display there are the oldest harp in Ireland and the proclamation that made  Ireland a free country. The next thing was something I’d wanted to do in Italy the entire time we were there and was very excited about- my first International Rotary meeting! The Dublin president was kind enough to meet Mitch and I in the lobby of the hotel where they meet and the Irish Rotarians were quintessentially generous, kind and extremely funny. The meeting was run extremely similar to our own Louisville Club, minus the name tags (which I really could have used!) and even had similar demographics. We were able to swap club flags, take a picture and after promising to e-mail them some of our favorite wines from our travels in Italy we were off for our last night in Ireland.

Being gone for nearly three and a half months left us with clothes (from summer and winter!), souvenirs and gobs of other goodies. Cramming everything into our bags wasn’t even the hardest part, that was the decision we had to make of what to take and what to leave. Who knew 50lbs could be reached so easily?! We had a life-changing experience in Italy and a lovely vacation in Ireland, not bad for some poor 20 somethings! We are so excited to get on to our next adventure, deciding where to plant our grapes and start our winery and planning our wedding!

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