25 Oct

He put a ring on it!!

Sorry for the delay in posts, but last weekend Mitch and I went to Rome and fell in love with the city! We visited the Vatican, saw Trevi Fountain and… oh yea… Mitch PROPOSED!! But I’ll get to that. Ev had work to do in the US so we caught a ride into Rome on Friday night. We stayed at the very ironic Hotel Texas, but it was nice. Near Termini Station, the main train station in Rome and within walking distance of all the main sights, 80 Euros a night was not bad! After we got settled in our room, we went to meet my childhood friend, Barric, and his girlfriend Alix for dinner. They were conveniently on vacation in Rome at the same time so we got to see some more familiar faces! We decided to meet at Trevi Fountain which may be the most popular spot in Rome to meet, but we found each other! The fountain is as beautiful as everyone says it is- the detailing is breath-taking. You could easy sit there for hours just listening to the water, appreciating the art-work and of course people watching! But we left and found a cute restaurant on your picturesque Roman street and enjoyed wine, food and each other’s company for hours. After we walked around, stopped at a pub and ultimately found some Irish kids studying abroad in Rome and went with them to a disco (a club to us Americans). Apparently we were lucky to find one without a cover, but we danced the night away and had a blast. It’s amazing how nice it is to speak in English with other 20 somethings!

Celebrating our engagement with Barric and Alix!

Saturday we woke up and took the #64 bus to Vatican City. After a quick and easy hour in line, we were inside enjoying St. Peter’s Basilica. The art work is one of a kind, our favorite being Pieta. The statue of Mary and Jesus is representative of how Catholics look to Mary first and then through her look to Jesus. My other favorite thing was the marble colored speakers so everyone in the back can hear! Modern technology meet 16th century Catholic church! Afterwords we went over to the Vatican Museum.

Egyptian mummy!Wow is that a museum! It took hours to go through and after staring at I don’t know what for 3 hours we decided next time it would be worth it to pay for a tour guide. They have everything from ancient marble statues to  zombie looking Egyptian mummies and everything in between! One thing we didn’t know was that the Sistine Chapel was in the Vatican Museum and it took a little while to figure that out, but it was well worth the 15 euros. It was amazing to be looking with our own eyes on the most famous work of Michelangelo. It would have been nice if the guards weren’t yelling at everyone to be quiet and shouting, “No photo!” Other than that it was stellar. My favorite part is the sheath of skin hanging between heaven and hell, Michelangelo’s on self portrayal, this is the only time he is known to have done a self portrait. We had no idea the Vatican city would take all day, and we decided to not stress over seeing everything and just enjoy the city.

Celebrating our new engagement with gelato!!

After going back to the hotel and changing our clothes, we walked to the Spanish steps and up to the Piazza del Popolo. We climbed some stairs to overlook the city at night and just took it all in. We meandered down to the Piazza Navona which we had walked through earlier and shared a bottle of wine at a gorgeous restaurant while being serenaded by a the accordion. The piazza is often called the most beautiful in the city, and is full of artists and musicians. This is about the time Mitch started acting a little funny and after walking around the center fountain two times, “enjoying the beauty” he finally worked up the nerve and proposed!! It was funny because Mitch is more sentimental than I am and our true personalities came out: he was crying and I was laughing, jumping up and down! We went for celebratory gelato and prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) before heading home. It was all very romantic and very us!

The Pantheon

Sunday morning we met Barric and Alix at the Pantheon and I finally got to celebrate with another girl in person! Sunday we just walked around the city with them and stopping for wine every now and then. They were kind enough to celebrate at lunch with some prosecco together and it was really fun! After that they had to leave us (not everyone can stay here for months- sad) we went to see the Coliseum at night, which is gorgeous, and then crashed. Getting engaged and sight-seeing in Rome at the same time is exhausting! Monday was our last day and we crammed in as much as possible! Starting with a tour of the Coliseum, through Palatine hill and ending with the Roman Forum. Getting a tour guide was a great idea! The anthropologist filled us in on all the gory details since it’s construction in 80 AD. The Roman Forum also has significant importance in that the entire Western world was ruled from right there- it’s really amazing when you think about it. We ended the day playing Audrey Hepburn and putting our hands in the mouth of truth- we both kept them! Rome is a magnificent city, and the ambiance at night makes Roma even more magical.

Playing Gladiators at the Coliseum


3 Responses to “Roma”

  1. Mom October 25, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

    Well that was some weekend, to say the least!!!! What a story it will be to tell your children, on how Daddy proposed to Mommy!!! Rome looks and sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cindy Kelly October 26, 2012 at 12:12 am #

    Congatulations to both of you, I love reading your blog. I hope you are printing it out so you don’t every loose it, someday your children will enjoy reading it

  3. Kim Gordon October 26, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    Maranda you are a very lucky girl… and I love how you make the best of every moment… Be safe!

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