Santuario Madonna Dei Bagni

18 Oct

Santuario Madonna Dei Bagni

While traveling to Perugia one morning, Claudia wanted to stop and show us a a really cool, unique church. Mitch and I have seen our fair share of churches on this trip and while beautiful, even sometimes awe-inspiring churches at times feel like same-old, but of course we agreed. Santuario Madonna Dei Bagni is not your typical church. There’s a bit of a back story, but it’s worth it. Around the 17th Century (aka the 1600s) a husband was wondering the fields in despair because his wife was dying from childbirth. He stumbled upon a piece of broke pottery and picking it up realized it was of the Holy Mother and Jesus as a baby. His devout Catholic heart told him not to toss the pottery aside so instead he hung it up on a tree and prayed to Mary, begging her to save his wife. When he arrived home to find his wife completely healed he wanted to find a proper way to thank Mary. Deruta is the pottery capital of Italy, and apparently was in 1600 also. The man had a ceramic plaque made depicting his wife in bed and him praying to the ceramic piece in the tree.

The tree, left in the ground, that the church was built around. The ceramic piece is still hanging from it.

As more people’s prayers to Mary were answered, more ceramic plaques were commissioned and the diocese decided to build a church around the tree where the plaque still hung on it. So the tradition continues today and the church is more than overflowing with pictures of various accidents and incidents Mary has remedied for centuries. From funny to tragic, the plaques are magnificent because they show both the way everyday people lived in detail hundreds of years ago and the Italian population’s devotion to their Holy Mother. These are some of the stories.


An Italian in a concentration camp during WW2

A car flipped in the Tiber River

A woman possessed by demons

A man getting robbed

Women falling from an olive tree

Italy with tanks during WW2

A bicycle accident


2 Responses to “Santuario Madonna Dei Bagni”

  1. Vicki Chryssos October 19, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    My darling, magnificent wordage in all you write. I loooove this story. Saw many churches like that in Greece. Glad your getting to see such landmarks. Much love.

  2. Mom October 20, 2012 at 6:47 pm #

    What a fasinating story!!! What an amazing experience you guys are having!! Love you!!

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